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Join Us: Sala Festival & Tour on August 30 – September 6, 2016 to the Great Island of CUBA Featuring the Outcome of President Obama’s Trip to Cuba

We will leave Thurgood Marshall International Airport to Tampa, Florida on Tuesday, August 30 , 2016 Leave from Tampa, International Airport for Havana, Cuba and return to Tampa International Airport on Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Details: Providing Cuban Visa & Required Cuban Health Insurance *Guide and Translator * Double Room Accommodations in 3 star hotels * Two Meals a Day (Breakfast and Dinner) * (Single room, additional fee) * Walking Tour of Old Town Havana and Playa, * Transportation to events (Day Time) & Beaches * Passes to Museums and Factory

Full details discussed via Uber Conference on May 22 , 2016 at 6:30pm

Join the call:

Optional dial in number: 401-283-5771 PIN: 11965


  • Tour of Cuban Medical School
  • Tour of Cuban Cigar and Rum Factory                                  
  •  Cuban Music Jazz and Hip-Hop and a Oldies but Goodies Sunday                   
  • Tour of Cuban Pharmacies Lab
  • We will socialize with the Cuban People

Cost: $1,800.00 Round-Trip from Thurgood Marshall Airport to Tampa, Florida and Final Destination Havana Cuba plus other Cities in Cuba. See Flyer & Data Form


Pastorius Street Community Garden Fall Festival 2015

Little gardeners having fun at Fall Festival in Germantown, PA.

Little gardeners having fun at Fall Festival in Germantown, PA.

Children are our future and fostering their development is a part of Kwanzaa Associates  Inc. mission. Craig Fulmore also a member of Here the children of Germantown are enjoying the Pastorius Street Community Garden Fall Festival. Two of our young gardeners is providing entertainment.

Fostering Green Spaces in Germantown, PA

IMG_20151121_113729The founder of Kwanzaa Associates Inc, Craig Fulmore worked along side Philadelphia Montessori Charter School to create green spaces. Green spaces are a great benefit to our environment. They filter pollutants and dust from the air, they provide shade and lower temperatures in urban areas, and they even reduce erosion of soil into our waterways. These are just a few of the environmental benefits that green spaces provide

Located in historic Germantown, Philadelphia, Pastorius Community Garden is transforming a vacant lot into a community garden and fruit orchard! Stay tuned for their progress.IMG_20151121_113701

National Network On Cuba was held November 7-8 in Washington DC

The 2015 meeting of the National Network On Cuba was held November 7-8 in Washington DC. The highlights of the meeting were, without question, the presence of ICAP President, Kenia Serrano and Leima Martinez, official of the America’s Division.  It was the first meeting of the NNOC since the December 17, 1014 return of the remaining 3 of the Cuban 5.  All present joyfully acknowledged this achievement.  In addition, we were joined by representative of the Cuban Embassy, the first time we were able to greet the diplomats as representing the embassy rather than the Interests Section. It was also the first time that an ICAP President had been given a travel visa by the United States. All the events were held at University of the District of Columbia David A Clarke School of Law.

The Egypt on the Potomac the Potomac Field Trip

egypt on the potomac

Craig Fulmore, Kwanzaa’s founder is learning about the symbolism of on the of the stops on the tour.

The Egypt on the Potomac Field Trip is a guided journey through Washington, DC that uncovers secrets hidden in plain sight. Did you know there is information and wisdom embedded throughout the visual make up of the city: in federal building architecture, street alignment, symbols on streets and buildings, and numerical patterns found throughout all of these elements, among others? Here 

By examining this embedded information, and exploring aspects of African mythology, African American, American, and Washington DC history, Brother Anthony Browder illuminates the ancient Egyptian influence on the founding fathers of the United States of America, as well as their acknowledgement of the Nile Valley origins of civilization.




Anthony Browder

Anthony Browder lecturing and teaching at the Appeal Inc., sponsored event

The three-hour Field Trip, sponsored by IKG Cultural Resource Center and was created by author and cultural historian Anthony T. Browder, consists of video segments and site visits (both on and off the bus). The participants will come to understand the story of DC’s history that is hidden in plain sight. The event was sponsored by Appeal Inc. and held on July 25, 2015. See for future events